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Hell week + Final week == final week from hell!

Just finished my NetSec so thought id take a few min break and post here. I have had a non-existent sleep schedule past couple weeks, either doing homework, studying, or over at Becky’s. I slept twice yesterday, each two hours, one on Becky’s bed after dinner. the other when i passed out on the floor of the lab; which btw, hasn’t been cleaned in about a month, but the cold tile felt nice. 4 hours is plenty but I still think I’m going to have to take another nap before party tonight -- I think I’m going to pass on the bars, it will be to crazy I’m sure tonight with classes just ending, the night before graduation.

I am desperately looking forward to the summer, the simplicity of full time work appeals to me right now, no hectic projects of tests, just work. Still have deadlines, but work you can drop when u go home and no one blames you. Just one more paper to work on... I don’t know what to do with it, but I have 9 hours to do it! Hopefully I can get it to a point where Ii get a B. I’ve run out of steam for the semester, I got an A in the classes I worked the hardest in I’m sure, as for software engineering and senior seminar... *crosses fingers* I’m sure I didn’t fail but I have no clue on how well i did.

I think if everyone worked as hard as they did the past two weeks over this semester all the time one of two things would happened :
1) The sheer genius of the university will create a singularity
2) Death rates through the roof (murders and suicides)
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