6th March 2006

fun party saturday, thanks everyone who came! I slept through most of sunday... id say 18 hours or so. I forgot a lot of what happened, go figure. those pictures are helpful ;)

Final today in weight lifting, just memorized the material in like 10 minutes... phy eds are too easy. I want to go back to bed :( work time though, have a great day everyone!

3rd March 2006

yep, 21 on sunday. party saturday... should be fun, alcohol poisoning is fun right?

27th February 2006

I was thinking of switching my website and some of the csclub website to ajax so i did some reading... this seems to be a overused buzz word to me though. The uses are rather limited and its a lot of work, a lot of the problems are explained pretty well at

perhaps AJAX is just some cool thing to add to your website but not really practical for anything beside large web apps where you can have many developers working on it.

21st February 2006

Went apt hunting with noah, i really liked the place we picked - no box on the heat and not paying it is so so nice. He said we could pay 25$ a month to use AC over summer... 8 hours of work for a comfortable house over summer DEAL! its all utilities paid, lets see how much he likes my 22 inch monitor + 4 computers. Now i dont run them all the time, but i think i may next year :)

now on the complaining note :

I feel like hell, headaches comming and going. I think lifting tomorrow is gonna be another short one. Im broke... really broke. I think some changes are in order, i cant keep things up this way - need a simpler life (starts trimming)

19th February 2006

Well, only got about 3 hours of SENG studing today. Time for bed so i can get up and study from 3am-10am, i think ill be good if i can force myself to focus that long. ADA is pretty simple to read, i just have to memorize the syntax.


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16th February 2006

Went to Aimes Iowa yesterday, was pretty fun. Got to hang out with the math/stats club for the day. Got to do a lot of thinking about grad school. Suzanne was driving the van back from Aimes, proud of her "iowa driving skills" but she got a speeding ticket. I feel really bad she got a ticket, although i kinda was expecting it when i saw her speeding the whole way home. Lots been happening, though i dont feel like writing it down. I like the busy but id also like a break sometime in next week.

13th February 2006

you know whats cool? hard rock roots, reggae influences, repetitive melodic phrasing, interweaving vocal harmony, and mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation...

Janitors look at you funny when your in the building working before they get there.
hmm... im broke, i am overdrawn :( seeing a -$ on my balance sucks when theres nothing you can do about it but watch til payday(thursday). I thought my parents were giving me 140$ and i was counting on it but it turns out they are not :'(

7th February 2006

the club got 750$ for its server and mike got us a G4 to implement a Tower of Hanoi. Just hope there will be multiple people willing to help write this. Another project matt gave me an idea for was a facebook client... after this weekend ill be not busy agian(hopefully) so i might implement it
doing this partially so i can remember everything i have to do, and help me release a little stress by bitching (sorry)...
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Happy aniversery Jes, sorry things have been going so bad for you lately :( let me know if you have some time to hangout
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